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Not Just Another Pretty Face.

Conventional wisdom says that Live Plants Clean the Air we Breathe. First discovered by NASA in the 90’s as they tested live greenery benefits for the Space Station. Today, more recent tests have shown that the presence of live greenery reduces absenteeism by up to 60%, they also increase employee productivity, and that reaction times are 12% better when indoor plants are present. These numbers are the result of numerous studies: Nature Makes Us More Caring, Effect of Plants of Workers and School Children, Houseplants Cut Indoor Ozone.

Going Green.

Environmental responsibility has never been more in the forefront. Lowering our carbon footprint in home and workplace is acknowledged to be of great importance. Live plants are not only Green in color but Green environmentally. Again, we all know plants clean the air.


A big word for a simple fact. Human beings need Nature. We have a built in need for live greenery. Outside it is trees, inside it is plants. We respond intuitively to the life cycle of indoor plants, to the beautiful colors of blooming plants. Have you ever walked into a Greenhouse, Arboretum, or Garden Center? First you take a deep breath. Instantly you relax and “smell the roses” as it were. Yep, live plants reduce stress.

Interiorplantscaping with a Purpose

To sum it all up, live greenery inside is a positive element of décor as a visual design element, has the hidden benefits of reducing carbon and cleaning the air of some of the man made toxins, increases productivity and can decrease absenteeism. Branching Out has many ways you can incorporate live plants in your home, office or Hospitality venue and the years of experience and demonstrated expertise to keep them looking and functioning perfectly. Contact us for more information at 702-558-0055.