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Our office always looks lively and great. I never knew why until I had a meeting at another company and realized they didn't have any plants! Our office plants make the office look more relaxed, yet professional!

James T


Plant Delivery and Installation

The Delivery and proper installation of plants is a very critical part of a successful interior plant design. Our procedures take all the potential pitfalls into account.

Plant CleaningLas Vegas Plant Delivery

Once we receive plant material into our Las Vegas facility, all plants are carefully cleaned and trimmed so that the plants are beautiful. Same with the decorative containers. If it is necessary, appropriate steps are taken to ensure the containers are watertight as well.

Plant Staging

Generally plants are left in their nursery growing containers and we, then, stage them into their decorative container. The goal is that they appear to be directly planted, so we use special materials that hold the plant in place, cover with a top dressing or under planting.


The plants are then are carefully loaded onto our trucks or van for delivery to site. Because these are living products, careful attention must be paid to the weather. Here, in Las Vegas, we must be particularly aware of the heat. Extreme temperatures can turn a green plant into a dead one in a heartbeat. Often, we will schedule during off-hours. Whatever it takes to ensure a successful installation.

Working With Others

Often, installations have to take place as other vendors are trying to do their deliveries. Prior to install, we coordinate our delivery, noting the location of loading docks, elevator constraints, ceiling heights and so on. It is a well-mapped out affair.

Branching Out takes particular pride in effecting a timely and well done installation.

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