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Our office always looks lively and great. I never knew why until I had a meeting at another company and realized they didn't have any plants! Our office plants make the office look more relaxed, yet professional!

James T


Flowering Programs

Call it color plant rotation, blooming plants program, or flowering program, no matter what you call it, it means the use of beautiful, live blooming plants in your office, home or hospitality space. While others may try to do the same thing, Branching Out is known in Las Vegas for our spectacular color programs. We choose the right plants for their color, longevity, and cost effectiveness.

Why Color?

Nothing makes a design “sing” more than color and nothing more than the beauty of live blooming plants. Combining the two is the jolt of living color that every client, visitor, or employee loves to see. Nothing is more readily noticed or has more impact.

The Plants

Bromeliads -  A cousin of the Pineapple plant, bromeliads are available from our resources in California and Hawaii in a wide array of tropical colors, orange, pink, red, purple and so on. They may have color in their bracts (leaves), or as colorful spikes, these tropical beauties require specialized care. We work with the finest Nurseries, ship them in special air/heat controlled containers and install them on an ongoing basis so you, the client, always have “color”. Each variety has its own life span so timely ongoing replacement is a critical factor we pay close attention.

Orchids - What is more delicate and beautiful than the orchid plant? A favorite of designers and featured in Décor and Design magazines, the orchid in white, pink, yellow or purple enhances with elegant, delicate blooms. Again, we use multi stem plants from tropical growers. They are given individual care from birth through installation and ongoing care. Each variety has a different life span so our continued replacement has to be timely and immediate.

Seasonal Color  - During the Holiday Season, the vivid red Poinsettia has become America’s favorite seasonal icon. Available from our California specialty plant growers, Branching Out uses the best of the best for the showiest effect. These are not your grocery store plants. Ours receive the finest care and handling and sport the largest blooms. Again, these plants must be carefully monitored for moisture requirements for the greatest effect. Along with Red, they are also available in Pink, White and a Peppermint Stripe. As part of an ongoing color program, their use at Holiday time is a must component.

Other Blooming -  We often incorporate other blooming plants according to availability. Sometimes Hydrangea, Kalanchoe, Begonia, and others may be used to offer visual variety. Let us design a Color Program that will be sure to give you impact, color and versatility.

Pricing. Once we have determined your needs and budget, we design a Color Blooming Program custom fit.

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