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Our office always looks lively and great. I never knew why until I had a meeting at another company and realized they didn't have any plants! Our office plants make the office look more relaxed, yet professional!

James T


Guaranteed Plant Maintenance

Once the plants have been chosen, delivered and installed, professional care is a must to keep them at that healthy, vibrant condition. Branching Out is responsible for thousands of our client’s plants here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our trained horticultural staff has a total of over 75 years of education and performance. They are readily acknowledged to be the best.


  • Plants we sell and have continuously serviced, are under the guaranteed plant replacement program. Provided we have had access to the plants on the scheduled service visits and the temperature in the area that the plants are located stays between 60 and 80 degrees.

  • Trained staff visits the plants on a routine schedule depending on the needs of the plant material used. If the site is a residence, we work with you and any employees to meet security needs.

  • Plants and planters are watered, cleaned, trimmed, and treated for nutritional needs. Larger plants may need special care. The planters are wiped down.

  • Blooming Programs needs are scheduled and met with new blooming color brought at the appropriate times.


  • Live Plants have a life span that depends on their variety and environment. They are not a forever component and must be constantly monitored and then, replaced when needed. That makes the Guarantee portion of your contract a key component.

  • We agree to replace plants even before they are at the tail end of their lives. We do so when their appearance necessitates it and, usually, before anyone ever feels the need to call us. Branching Out replaces such plants with material of the same size and variety whenever possible. If a different plant is used, it will always be of equal or greater dollar value.

  • The Guarantee is your “insurance policy” so that your interiorscape at office, hotel, or home is always delivering what you need.


Guaranteed Maintenance Branching Out’s Guaranteed Maintenance Service adheres to the highest standards. We care for the client as well as the plants. Everything is done to ensure that your plants always look beautiful and healthy.

  • Watering - Each species of plant has different moisture requirements. Our technicians know exactly how much and how often. We also use foliage grown under optimum conditions from Specialty Nurseries in California and Hawaii.
  • Grooming - Plants get dusty too. With delicate care, our technicians know just how to keep them clean and beautiful
  • Pruning - Interior plants are tropicals and need very delicate handling. As plants grow, some leaves or portions of leaves, die back and need careful, specialized pruning and trimming. We have spent decades learning just the right way to do this.

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