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Our office always looks lively and great. I never knew why until I had a meeting at another company and realized they didn't have any plants! Our office plants make the office look more relaxed, yet professional!

James T


Interior Plantscape Design

There's an Art and a Science to the use of live greenery and decorative planters inside any home, office, or hotel space. The Art demands that the ingredients chosen be of the right shape, size, coloration, and that the finishes and colors of the planters that encase them match the existing or proposed furniture and finishes of the hardscaping. Plants that are too small look out of scale. Planters of the wrong color or finish clash with the existing pieces. Branching Out has the interiorscape design experience and expertise to get it right. The Science aspect is the other component for a successful interior plantscape. The plants chosen must be able to thrive in the light levels of the space, provide access for maintenance staff to maintain, and give a lush, healthy appearance. A successful installation demands this level of demonstrated art and science if it is to be right.

Why a Professional Plant Service?

Who has not visited the Garden Center and purchased a few plants for their home or office only to see them wither and die within a short space of time? It is a frustrating experience and that is why we have spent the past 15 plus years honing our craft. Today, Branching Out knows what is pleasing tio the eye as well as long lasting. Good Design when coupled with our expert Guaranteed Maintenance, gives you the right look both now and in the future.

At our initial visit to your site or working with your blueprints, we note the requirements, your wishes, your budget, and then develop renderings usually by computer to give you the visual information. Particular note is taken of any special demands. For the planters, we choose options from a wealth of industry and artisan suppliers. From Stoneware, to Fiberglass, Metal to Ceramic, the decorative container both in material, water tightness, and color or finish must be right. The wrong finish can destroy the look intended, and if the product is not water tight, expensive floors and carpets are placed in jeopardy. That is why the Design Stage is so all-important. Years of experience and education have given us a premier position here in Las Vegas and so many of our clients for office plants or for residential plants, have told us how appreciative they are.

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