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Our office always looks lively and great. I never knew why until I had a meeting at another company and realized they didn't have any plants! Our office plants make the office look more relaxed, yet professional!

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The Renowed catering Company in Melbourne


Ed Dixon Food Design is a renowned catering melbourne company. This is made of passionate and fun events enthusiasts. An award winning team founded by Ed Thomson in 2001. Over the years they became more knowledgeable on how to elevate creativity on each event. With Ed Dixon Food Design, you can experience more than a culinary. They are committed in bringing the wow factor in each event. It caters daily for corporate and private clients. This events can vary from intimate morning teas and boardroom lunches to large events.They are proud that many of Melbourne and Victoria's top restaurant and event venue supported them. The team is passionate and energetic professionals who work closely with client’s to create memorable events. It caters for weddings, corporate events and gala dinner. They are passionate also for food preparation, making sure that they use the best, ethically sourced ingredients with a simple fresh food philosophy.

For Ed Dixon Food Design, event management is integral to the success of each event. The founder is formerly an Interior Designer before he founded the company. It has a portfolio of approximately 40 venues that they worked with. The range of their venues simply reflects the diversity of their clients. It offers complete package for weddings and corporate events. They also understand that food is such an important element in every event. In line with that, they offer a wide range of menu and tailor-made packages. Simply offering the best food for the best day. They simply live and love the food. They are also known for beautiful decor and floral at their events. Additionally, they embraces new food and styles of service.